Tyne Valley Express Articles by Bill Clegg

Here are articles written by Bill Clegg for the Tyne Valley Express, beginning in March 2017.  They are on topical science issues from a personal Christian perspective and include reference to ‘Big Questions – Any Answers?’ and other science-faith events and activities.

The text of the articles is essentially as originally published (with some minor modifications), but here you will find more pictures to illustrate them.

1 – Do we believe the experts? (March/April 2017)

2 – Is modern health care for everyone? (May/June 2017)

3 – Who do you think you’re kidding? (July/August 2017)

4 – So whose fault is it anyway? (September/October 2017)

5 – Where are we heading? (November/December 2017)

6 – Twinkle twinkle little star (January/February 2018)

7 – Chasing Easter (March/April 2018)

8 – We need some plastic surgery (May/June 2018)

9 – What Charles Darwin didn’t know (July/August 2018)