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God and Pandemics: online conference presentations from Christians in Science, August 2020

Telling a better story – why faith and science belong together: online summer course presentations from the Faraday Institute, June/July 2020

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A website with a renewed purpose…

April 2019

The bigquestions-anyanswers website was originally set up in 2017 to support and resource one particular funded project addressing the interface between science and the Christian faith.  Although that particular project ended, all its material is retained here for reference and further use; this includes audio recordings and slide presentations for most of the nine talks given in various locations in the Tyne valley area.

The website is now serving the work of the Tyneside & Northumberland local group of the national organisation Christians in Science (cis.org.uk), which aims to address the same sort of issues.

This local group has an email distribution list, which is used to send out information about plans and activities; it is used infrequently, and the email addresses of recipients are known only to the list managers.  If you would like to be added to this list, or to know more about it, please contact bill.clegg@ncl.ac.uk

…and a new event

We organised the 2019 Christians in Science Northern Conference in Durham in May.  This was designed for anyone who’s interested in the subject, not just experts in the science or theology.

Details of the conference, together with audio recordings of the talks, can be found on the ‘Previous events’ page.  They are also being made available on the Christians in Science national website (cis.org.uk)

Where do we go from here?

November 2017

Our Templeton-funded project has reached the end of its programme of nine talks by invited speakers, giving a Christian perspective on topical science issues, but this isn’t the end of ‘Big Questions – Any Answers’!  Please see the invitation below to contribute to an online survey of reactions and opinions to what we’ve done so far, so that we can make plans for the future.  And watch this space for further activities and events!

In the meantime you can catch up with talks you’ve missed, by visiting the ‘Previous Events’ page, where you’ll find audio recordings, presentation slides, video clips, and other links and resources.

New items and features added!

October 2017

  • You can now read some related articles from the Tyne Valley Express – see the link in the menu list to the right.
  • Short video summaries of some of the talks, alongside the full audio recordings, can be found on the ‘Previous Events’ pages.  Video introductions to the project are available below.
  • There’s an online Survey Monkey questionnaire to explore the way forward in the science-faith interface following the end of our funded series of talks in November 2017.  If you’d like to contribute to our ideas and future planning, please follow this link (it will open as a new browser tab or window) and get your friends to do the same:


or alternatively  goo.gl/vhuxTi

What’s it all about?

Big Questions – Any Answers?’ is a series of talks arranged for the Tyne Valley area, in which leading scientists who are Christians tackle some of the big scientific issues of today and what the Christian faith has to say about them.

Generous funding from an international charity means that we can attract world-recognized experts as speakers and hold the talks in convenient venues around the area, while making all the events completely free for anyone to attend.  This is a rare opportunity, not to be missed. 

The talks are intended for a general audience.  No scientific expertise or training is needed, and no particular attitude to religion is assumed.  Everyone is welcome, whatever your background, and there are opportunities for questions and discussion. 

The first series of 5 talks took place on weekday evenings between Easter and the school summer holidays, and featured scientists from Cambridge and Newcastle Universities.  A second series of 4 talks followed in September–November after the school holidays.  Posters for both series are shown below.  Further details can be found on the “Previous Events” page, including audio recordings and presentation slides from the various talks together with other links and resources.

Use the archive material for an exploration of some of these Big Questions, and see if we can provide Any Answers to satisfy you.  We’re sure you’ll find it interesting and informative, and maybe even challenging and inspiring!

Video introductions:

  1. by the science co-director, Bill Clegg

2. by the church co-director, Pete Jorysz:

Science and Faith poster

Series poster 2