Future Events

Most of the events listed here are not organised by this local Christians in Science group.  Many events are being held online, either exclusively or in hybrid mode with a physical meeting, and can easily be accessed regardless of geographical location, so we are including events of interest that are organised elsewhere.  Click the links for further information including how to access the events (prior booking may be required).

Not Forgotten: Meeting Dementia with Pastoral and Spiritual Care

An online one-day workshop with main speakers Julia Burton-Jones and Rev Dr Rodger Charlton

Saturday 6 November 09:45-15:30

Organised by the Faraday Institute and Westminster College Cambridge

See https://www.faraday.cam.ac.uk/event/not-forgotten-meeting-dementia-with-pastoral-and-spritual-care/

Self-Made People: the Emerging Embryo, Biology, and Belief

Professor Jeff Hardin

Tuesday 9 November at 13:00

Organised by the Faraday Institute, online (and in person in Cambridge)

See https://www.faraday.cam.ac.uk/event/self-made-people-the-emerging-embryo-biology-and-belief/

Thinking Machines? A Christian Perspective

Professor Stephen Williams

Tuesday 23 November at 13:00

Organised by the Faraday Institute, online (and in person in Cambridge)

See https://www.faraday.cam.ac.uk/event/thinking-machines-a-christian-point-of-view/

The Cosmic Cabaret

An evening of informal talks, practical demonstrations and discussion on the communication of science and faith

Tuesday 7 December at 20:00

Organised by God and the Big Bang, online

See Register interest

Faith and Science in the Local Church 2022

A two-day workshop for Christian leaders, online and in person in Cambridge

Friday 7 and Saturday 8 January

Organised by the Faraday Institute

See https://www.faraday.cam.ac.uk/event/faith-and-science-in-the-local-church-2022/

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